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Hi! I am Vaibhav. I love to follow new online and offline trends that touch our lives every day. On my blog vab.me, I share experiences / information / research I enjoyed myself and believe you would like following as well.

I believe people's digital behavior reveals a lot about changing preferences and emerging new trends. Hence many of my posts share insights gathered from the digital world. Some popular ones are: The Mobile Wave, Online Holiday Shopping Trends, Internet Of Things

However I strongly believe most of our life [still] exists offline and many of my posts share trends outside the digital world as well: Self Driving Cars, the Selfie Phenomenon and the Smartwatch.

I realize that a large part of our experiences both digital and offline, are shaped by brands we interact with. So to bring this part of our lives, I also share my unique experiences and knowledge with different brands with you. My blog post Shades of MilwaukeeThe Glass House, Amrut - Single Malt Whiskey, Hunan, Food Blogger's Meet at Fairfield, Marriot try to do just that.

I hope you would like your experience here. Also, if we are not already connected, let's connect in any/all of the following ways:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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The Mobile Wave | Online Holiday Shopping Trends | Internet Of Things | Self Driving Cars | Selfie Phenomenon | Smartwatch | Digital Marketing Trends