Lifestyle Changes Since COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic

Almost everyone is making lifestyle changes, but we think differently towards wearing facemasks outside - these are few major observations I took away from the daily COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic survey conducted by Statista across China, Germany, United Kingdom, United States.

The Unifying Factor: Yes we are all making lifestyle changes

Less than 5% of the respondents across any region responded 'I have not made any changes to my lifestyle', so yes, looks like all of us are making lifestyle changes. Some of the other key unifying lifestyle changes were 'Stayed at home more' and 'Washed hands more'

The Big Difference: Taking 'cover'

In contrast to some of the above unifying lifestyle changes, responses to 'Wear protective face masks outside' greatly varied from more than 75% in one region (China) to less than 15% in another (United Kingdom).

The online survey conducted between April 22 to 28, 2020 had 2,865 respondents. More on the survey here


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