The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Global Growth Statistics

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has wreaked havoc globally. Here are some factual metrics and statistics which make this outbreak truly incredible in scale

The spread among countries
Here is a visual analysis of the spread of Coronavirus. Till Feb 01, 2020 there was just 1 country reporting COVID-19 related deaths. By March 01, 2020, there were 12 countries reporting Coronavirus related deaths. However, by the time we reached April 01, 2020, 129 countries were reporting Coronavirus deaths!

The spread within Countries

The virus caused a lot of initial loss in China which created initial fears for the virus. However little could anyone estimate that it will attain breakthrough scales after spreading outside China. While China's total lives lost from COVID-19 could be contained to well under 5000, countries like US and Italy have gone well past 20,000 lives lost, a loss which is still growing fast, especially in US.

The initial growth in lives lost which made it a Pandemic

It took the Corona virus (COVID-19) about 2 months initially to claim 10,000 lives. However it took the virus less than an additional week to take 10,000 more.

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