A Wholesome & Authentic Dining Experience At Hunan Bangalore

Hunan is an authentic Chinese Restaurant well-known among Bangalore's foodie community for its taste and quality. I got a chance to visit Hunan's Koramangala restaurant recently and am sharing photos and experiences from the experience.  

Hunan Chinese Restaurant in Koramangala
The several awards and recognition Hunan has received 
Hunan's ambiance is both relaxing and exciting, a perfect setting for a great dining experience  
A perfect place to enjoy your wine with unlimited food pairing options!
Hunan's Dynasty Prawns will open you to multiple flavors instantaneously
Hunan's Beijing Clear Soup was full of flavor and perfectly spicy - just as I like it
Hunan's Chicken Pouch Dumplings - picture perfect!
The vegetarians don't get left behind either. Those are the Veg Crystal Dumplings
Hunan's Crispy Spinach With Chilli Pepper Corn was quite good too. It was the first time I had spinach and corn like this and was something I would like to have again when I am here.
I am a fan of crispy food but this was another first for me - Hunan's Crispy Lotus Stem. I quite liked it for the taste and crispiness. 
Hunan's Pan Fried Grilled Chicken: Great in taste, even better in presentation
Hunan's Chicken Fried Rice cooked in Bamboo: A must try and definitely a must click ;)
Hunan's Thai Green Curry
Hunan's Lamb Sizzler: Something which will make you return to this place again - perfectly prepared and very tasty
Hunan's Sublime Snapper with shredded garlic
And here comes the show stealer: Hunan's Red Velvet cake. You can only taste it to appreciate it - strongly recommended!
Hot, Sizzling & Chocolaty - a mesmerizing experience!
If you love chocolate in desserts, this place is not short of choices as you can see :)

So the next time you are in Koramangala, you know where to go for a perfect food experience. Hunan Chinese Restaurant is also on BEL road in case that is closer for you. Also you can follow Hunan on Twitter as well as Facebook.