Thailand From The Streets - Food & All The Glitter

Its not just about the sea... Thailand has some of the best and TASTIEST street food I have ever had. Needless to say the crowds and the glitter just adds to Thailand's street life experience. What I am sharing here are some amazing pics from my experience from the streets of Thailand - specifically Krabi Night Market and Khaosang road


  1. Wow... Feeling like going there and click with my Travellingcamera as well :)

    Inspiring post !

    1. Thanks VJ. Sure you should go VJ. We went there for the beaches but this was a real surprise!

  2. I actually want to go to Vietnam because it's such a wonderful country. I know it's difficult to find the visa for Vietnam but since you get it through the visa service, it's made easy for me.

  3. Yes, Thailand it is what it is. When I was there, I was a bit confused, but with time, that feeling gone. When I rented the motorcycle here, I read the article from this service, to avoid the unplesant situations. Thankfuly all was good.


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