Images Of Friendship

Hi Friends,

In our everyday lives, we hardly spend time thinking beyond day to day tasks and office work. That's why there is friendship day, a day dedicated to those who make your life so special for you - your friends! 

Though Friendship day is so widely celebrated, its experience is very different for each one of us, painted by the different memories we have had with our respective friends. I am glad that when I stop and look back, I am not short of these special moments with some of my best and very old friends!

Ravi, Roshni, Amit, Pooja, Rohit, Mrityunjay, Aparna, Ankur, Gunjan, Vinay, Shruthi, Rupali, Paras and so many more! 

An awesome time spent in Goa with the Manipal Gang
Memorable trip to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai
A see off to our weekend buddies for so long
Awesome Christmas celebrations in Delhi