An Infographic on Infographic Trends

Information graphics popularly called infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. Here are some intresting facts about Infographics:
  • A single infographic has the potential to reach up to 15 million people. 
  • As opposed to traditional posts, infographic posts perform better on Twitter, Linkedin, and Stumbleupon (as measured by tweets, shares, and pageviews). 
  • Google ranks trends from 0-100 giving a number to a keyword based on how often it is searched compared to other keywords. Based on this measure, the top six countries in the world for the keyword “infographic” consist of the following: the Philippines (60), South Africa (56), New Zealand (50), Netherlands (41), India (38), and the U.S. (38). The top six cities include Singapore, Bangalore, San Francisco, Sydney, Chicago, and Melbourne.