Workshop on Letter of Credit

Event Schedule:
December 7, 2012 - All Day

Event Location:
Adarsh Hamilton, #2/4, Langford Garden Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore

About the Event:
GCM Worldwide Presents Workshop on Letter of Credit.
With globalization in full swing India's international trade has been growing in volumes despite the temporary problems which crop up now and then. As the parties in international trade are located in various parts of the country without adequate knowledge of each other's financial capacity and nature of dealings they increasingly resort to the mechanism of LETTER OF CREDIT as a method of payment.
It has therefore become imperative for the players in international market to have adequate knowledge of the LC operations, preparation and scrutiny of shipping documents and stipulation of payment terms. With the changes brought in UCP 600 the exporters, importers and bankers need to understand the significance of the changes and gain adequate clarity of the various amendments brought in UCP 600

Agenda for Seminar
- Introduction to Letter of Credit
- Bank Procedures / Norms for opening LC
- RBI Exchange Control Regulations
- FEDAI Guidelines

- Discussion on UCP 600
- Main changes between UCP 500 and 600
- Detailed explanation on important articles

- UCP 600 and relevant articles on scrutiny of shipping documents
- Dealing with discrepancy in documents - Practical examples

- Practical Exercise / Questionnaire on LC & UCP 600
- Detailed discussion on solutions to the questions

- Brief discussion on ISBP (International Standard Banking Practices)
- Practical examples about applicability of ISBP on documents

- Examples of fraudulent transactions involving LC
- Precautions to be taken by customers and bankers
- Answers to Further Questions / doubts of participants

Topics for discussion :-
- Tax Planning of New Business and full overview of important Tax amendments by the Finance Bill, 2008.
- Tax Planning of New Industrial Undertakings, Infrastructure Cos., S.E.Zs etc.
- Tax Planning of Business Expenditure.
- Tax Planning of Capital Gains relating to Stock Market & Commodity Market transactions.
- Reassessment, Business Losses and Fringe Benefit Tax.
- Rejection of Accounts & Addition to Gross Profit.

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