Workshop on Leadership Styles

Event schedule: 
Dec 13, 2012, 09:30 AM (8 hrs duration)

Event Location:
The Gateway Hotel Residency Road, No 66, Residency Road , Bangalore

About the Event: 
The Leadership Styles workshop provides a road map for designing the best leadership strategies to achieve desired outcomes. It will support participants in a leadership role to effectively diagnose and manage the abilities, motivations, and performance of others at the workplace.

Participants in the workshop discover the fundamentals and application of time-tested behavioral model of how to best influence the performance of people in diverse and challenging situations.

Knowledge & Skills to be Gained:
The practical workshop is designed to help participant reflect and implement learning at the workplace on:
- Insight into own natural leadership style - when it will work and when it won't?
- How to effectively diagnose a situation?
- How to adapt leadership style based on the situation, not personal preference?
- When to Direct, Coach, Support or Delegate to subordinate?
- How to use situational leadership to achieve greater productivity by infusing energy, self-reliance and drive within your employees.
- Practice how to balance the directive and relationship skills in developing the subordinates?
- Create a work environment to achieve faster sustainable results.

Who Should Attend: This course is designed for managers who would like to augment their leadership effectiveness and produce better results.

Program Topic:
- Self Assessment - Leadership Style
- Leadership Action - Styles for Success & Failure
- Essence of the Situational Leadership
- Developing Capabilities to Diagnose Situations
- Flexibility and Taking The Right Action
- Recap, Key Learning and Action Planning.

Fees & Registration: For 1-2 participants-Fee per participant - Rs. 7,900/- plus taxes is Rs. 8,877/- & For 3 or more participants-Fee per participant - Rs. 7,400/- plus taxes is Rs. 8,315/-

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