Workshop - Collective Bargaining and Art Of Negotiation

Event Schedule:
Dec 13, 2012, 09:30 AM (Event duration: 8 hrs)

Event location:
The Gateway Hotel Residency Road, No 66, Residency Road , Bangalore 

About the Event:
Unions or representatives of workers organization bargain with employer on various issues such as, wages, allowances, bonus, hours of work, reinstatement, etc. All these vital issues concerning the terms and conditions of employment of bargainable staff could be determined by the process of negotiation between the management and the union. Decision makers dealing with people management should have the right knowledge of tricks of the trade i.e., Collective Bargaining.

Learning Objective
- After attending the workshop the participants would be able to experience.
- The tactics of handling issues of Charter of Demands of Unions.
- The step by step methods of Collective Bargaining- Bipartite and Tripartite levels.
- An insight of negotiation skills.
- The legalities involved in Collective Bargaining and memorandum of settlement.
- The implementation of memorandum of settlement and its ramifications.

Who Will Benefit:
The participants should be Operating Executives/ Managers/ Working in Factories; Personnel/HR Officers/Executives/ Managers engaged in Plants/Regions/Corporate Offices; working as In-Charges of HR/Personnel at Site Offices; Running Firms as Independent Professionals and Desiring to become Independent Self Employed Persons; Family Business Owners and Aspiring to become Entrepreneur and HR/ Personnel Professionals.

Program Topic:
Module 1: Concept, features, prerequisites and process of collective bargaining
Module 2: Six major steps of collective bargaining - Impact of I.D. Act, 1947
Module 3: Art of negotiation - Preparations/Qualities/Techniques and nine stages of negotiation
Module 4: Drafting memorandum of settlements VIS-A-VIS I.D. Act, 1947
Module 5: Implementation of settlement terms/recent trends/major areas of concern of collective bargaining
Module 6: Related case study/role play session, questionaire, clarifications and feedback.

Fees and Registration: For 1-2 participants - Fee per participant- Rs. 7,900/- plus taxes is Rs. 8,877/- & For 3 or more participants - Fee per participant- Rs. 7,400/- plus taxes is Rs. 8,315/-