Global Logistics Shipping & Forwarding Workshop

Event Schedule:
Dec 14 - Dec 15, 2012, All Day Daily

Event Location: 
Adarsh Hamilton, #2/4, Langford Garden Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore

About the Event: 
GCM Worldwide Presents Workshop on Global Logistics Shipping & Forwarding.

- Gain and share knowledge of the participant's w.r.t. Global Logistics.
- Arrest the operating costs and assure levels of customer service with continuous growth.
- Incorporate discussions and analysis of, customer's ever changing requirements and perceptions, in day to day scheme of work.

Who should attend?
- Front Line, sales and back office Executives.
- Materials Managers.
- Finance managers responsible for Export/Import finance.
- International business managers
- Executive Trainees

Why your employees must attend this program?
Knowledge, gained and refreshed, is a vital factor in analyzing and understanding the requirements of successful material handling. This helps in carrying out the procedure with understanding, plus steps are not followed blindly which have been laid out over the years culminating into SOPs.

Executives will learn to question, understand the requirements before filling requisite forms and issue them.

Knowledge gained will be a formal education for the new recruits adding to the knowledge gained over the period of schooling, colleges and Institutes.

Fundamentals of Logistics will go a long way in handling logistics.

Sound handling of the customer requirements will help in achieving high level of Customer service, retaining Customers, getting new Customers on board.
Benefits of the program

At the end of the course your employees will have...
- Cargo sector handling.
- Types of transport
- Types of shipping services.
- Services offered by logistics service providers.
- International trade operations with the responsibilities different entities.
- Import and Export documentation. Including requirements of Customs. .
- Payment terms e.g Letter Of Credit LC)
- Understanding INCOTERMS and their effect.
- Port, terminal, CY and CFS operations.
- Availability different types of sea and air containers.
- Dangerous /hazardous goods and refrigerated cargo.

- What is Logistics understood as
- Who can be an Exporter
- Primary responsibility of an Exporter
- Various modes of payments /transactions e.g. pre/post shipment
- The pros and cons of various modes of payment.
- Supply contracts/INCO Terms and their effects
- Contract of carriage for a SEA/Air shipment
- Different types of BLs and AWBs (Theory and practice)
- BLs for LCL and FCL movements
- Third Country movement and documentation
- High Seas transactions and Change of Ownership
- Factors for deciding SEA/AIR mode of transport
- Different types of sea going vessels.
- Concept of container movement /other than container movement
- Activities and responsibilities of the related agencies providing LOGISTICS e.g. clearing Agent on land, the carriers, and the port handling agencies.
- Licensing by DG (Shipping), types of ports sea, air, inland etc
- Customs processes port/factory stuffing for exports
- Examination of Import goods pre duty/post duty payment
- Primary and additional responsibilities of various agencies working in tandem with Logistics provider's e.g. Clearing Agents, transporters shipping /airlines,port handling agencies, overseas agents,Insurance etc
- Insurance and its importance
- Different types of Packages : Cartons to Containers
- Importance of documentation : Invoice/Packing List/BL/Insurance policy

More About the Event:
Find more information about the event here


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