Borewell-Trapped Mahi Rescue Facts & Full Operation Challenges

Mahi declared dead after being stuck in borewell for 85 hours
Doctors at the nearest government hospital pronounced Mahi dead on arrival. Sources at the hospital said the girl probably died just hours after falling into the borewell outside her house, 

What happened to Mahi ?
  • Mahi was celebrating her fourth birthday and was playing with children outside the home near the borewell when she suddenly fell into it at 11 pm on June 20. 
  • Mahi  has remained buried for three days now without food and water in a borewell 70 feet below the ground. 
  • Mahi fell into a borewell in Kho village near Manesar. 
  • Mahi is also withering 44 degrees Celsius heat within the deep and narrow borewell.  
  • Given the impact of the fall, low oxygen availability and food and water deprivation, the child's survival chances were bleak. It will surely be a miracle if Mahi comes out of this ordeal alive.
Below are full facts of the operation to to save Borewell-Trapped Mahi

The operation to get Mahi out of the borewell was a complicated one.   

  • After the child fell into the borewell on Wednesday night, her parents first alerted the Gurgaon police, who arrived at the spot only to realise that they weren't equipped at all to deal with the situation. 
  • For two hours the child kept crying inside the borewell, asking for help but now she is not responding to any calls.
  • On Thursday, about 200 troops from an Indian Army unit stationed in Gurgaon were called in to help. A highly specialised digger was also called in. The Army took over the entire operations, and started working on two fronts simultaneously. 
  • A CCTV camera was lowered into the borewell using a rope. Footage from the camera showed a motionless hand stretched out to one side. Doctors thought the child may have fallen unconscious. 
  • Oxygen pipes were also lowered in to the pit to help the child get the required supply of oxygen. 
  • Another team also started digging a new pit, just parallel to the one in which the child had fallen. The idea was to get to the required depth and then to dig horizontally till a passage was created between the two tunnels. A local person who specialised in digging borewells in the area was also called in to help as he had the best idea about the area and its soil.
  • By Saturday, the Army came up against a roadblock. Though a pit adjacent to Mahi's pit was dug, Army officers realised that huge rocks were in between the two pits, and a passage could only be created by manually removing the rocks. 
  • A team of highly specialised experts were called in from the Delhi Metro, to help with the exact location of the child, so the Army jawans could dig the parallel passage between the two pits in the right direction. 
  • Getting to the child took till Sunday afternoon. By that time Mahi had died. Since Wednesday, the child could not be given any food, or a single drop of water. 
  • When Mahi's body was brought out from the pit, an Army jawan was holding her - she was covered in a white sheet. The body was placed in an awaiting ambulance and rushed to the nearest government hospital where doctors declared her dead on arrival. 
  • Over 100 officials drawn from army, fire, police, Gurgaon Rapid Metrorail, health and revenue departments, and locals have been involved in drilling a pit parallel to the borewell.
  • Army and Rapid Metro personnel were drilling a parallel pit to the 70-feet-deep borewell where the child has fallen. 
  • Oxygen was being constantly supplied to Mahi since the rescue operation began. 
  • Nearby residents have also been asked to vacate their houses as a precautionary measure while the rescue operation continues. 
  • Rescue attempt headed by Lt Col Ashwani Tyagi
  • Neeraj Upadhyay, Mahi's father, is sticking close to everyone involved in the attempts to save his daughter
  • To bolster the campaign DMRC ( Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has joined hands with the Army to help zero in on the shape and size of the rock with remote-sensing equipment. 
  • GMR Group brought a hi-tech horizontal sensor locator to the site
  • Officials from Reliance arrived with a ground-penetrating radar.
  • Two teams of doctors and an ambulance equipped with ICU facility were camping at the spot to provide medical support if needed. 
What is the government and administration doing the whole time ?

  • Gurgaon's district magistrate PC Meena has ordered a judicial enquiry to be carried out by Additional Deputy Commissioner to probe into the digging of an illegal borewell. 
  • An FIR under various sections of IPC has been registered against local resident Rotash Tayal, who illegally dug the borewell. 
  • The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) sought an explanation from the Haryana government over allegations of delay in starting rescue operations. In a letter, the NCPCR accused the state administration of not following the Supreme Court's orders relating to safety measures that should be taken while digging borewells.