World's Biggest Art Market: Interesting Statistics & Trends on the Chinese Art Market

According to a latest infographic by Statista on the latest trends & statistics on the Chinese Art market:
  • With 41% of the global fine art auction revenue, the Chinese Art market is the biggest art market in the world. 
  • Chinese Art Market is well ahead of the US & UK which occupy the 2nd & 3rd positions respectively both in terms of share of global fine art auction revenue. In fact China's global fine art auction revenue is more than double of that of US.
  • Not only is the Chinese art market the biggest, but is also growing at the fastest rate. Interesting to see the next biggest Art market US is showing a negative growth
  • Nearly half of the Chinese Artwork sold for above $1 Million
  • 6 of the top 10 artists in the world belong to China
Find all this and more in the below infographic