Mobile Foodies: Behaviour Trends & Statistics

More & More people ( the new gen hardcore foodies) are now using their mobile devices to click and share photos & videos of the food they eat and update their Facebook statuses as they have their favorite food. See an interesting video below and you would know exactly what I mean :)

According to an infographic by market research firm Lab42
  • About 19% of those that use their smartphone while at a restaurant update their status on Facebook. 
  • About 24% said they take pictures of their entrees 
  • 18% check-in to the restaurant on services such as Foursquare.
  • Smartphone users (20%) are also communicating with others to make dinner plans 
  • 19% use mobile devices to find nearby restaurants. 
  • About one in five people who use their smartphones during their dining out experience do so to view a menu online and find directions.