Hiring, Recruitment & Job Search During COVID-19 Situation: Latest Trends & Statistics

[Updated April 2020]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak has impacted every aspect of daily life and jobs are no exceptions. While the situation is still developing in many countries, here are some most recent emerging trends in hiring, recruitment and job searches
  • New job postings on Indeed have dropped significantly. This looks at new postings that have been on Indeed for a week or less. The trend in new postings is down 49.1% compared to 2019 as of April 10. However we do see a slight recovery very recently and may continue if the COVID-19 situation improves.  

  • Linkedin compared hiring patterns across China, Italy, and US since these were all significantly impacted economies on different curves of Coronavirus growth. They noted that shortly after each country issued mandatory quarantines, national hiring plummeted. Specifically, about two weeks after the first signs of hiring growth contraction in China, the hiring rate plummeted to a low of -45% YoY. While still at relatively low levels, hiring rates have slowly started to rebound as containment of the virus takes effect. In a similar fashion, Italy's hiring growth dipped below zero three days after the country went on lockdown. And one week after the initial dip, hiring growth plummeted to a low of -40% YoY. Based on these trends, it was estimated U.S. was to also begin showing a similar sharp decline due to shelter-in-place orders.
  • Evolving Job Search Interests attributed to COVID-19: According to recent data from Indeed,, search terms related to remote work or job titles with remote work options standout among the terms that have spiked the most. The share of searches on Indeed for the term "telehealth nurse" grew over 1,000% in fewer than six weeks. "WFH," an abbreviation for "working from home" was only the sixth fastest-growing term during this period, but it grew by almost 600%.

[Updated Sep 2018]

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring & Recruitment
According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly all Fortune 500 companies now use some form of automation. These range from robot avatars interviewing job candidates to computers weeding out potential employees by scanning keywords in resumes. And more and more companies are using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to assess possible employees. Check this Youtube feature from the Wall Street Journal


Digital Hiring / Recruitment Automation Trends
A layer of third-party technical recruitment companies is emerging to help startups quickly sift through qualified candidates without spending lots of time on interviewing.
  • For technical recruitments, though the recruitment teams try to pre-qualify candidates, there is still a need for putting engineering resources for technical / coding skills evaluation. 
  • Interviews take precious time of current engineering managers and technical leads, and is a significant cost to a company. 
  • Typical technical interviews, which involve tasks like coding an abstract algorithm in 15 minutes, may have little connection to what engineers actually spend their time doing - which is debugging and analyzing existing code.
Hence a lot of today's typical interview is both expensive and inefficient. We want to lower the cost of interviewing and increase the quality of the signal.

A new perspective to address this: Technology itself! Lets take a look at a tool called Lytmus.
  • Lytmus is a kind of “flight simulator for technical talent.” 
  • It’s an immersive environment where hiring managers can see candidates operating inside of a web-based virtual machine, with an IDE, web browser, sample code and files and a standard problem prompt.
  • Inside Lytmus’ environment, candidates will have to dive into existing code and unpack a software’s design problems in real-time. 
  • Lytmus will passively collect logs of data on the backend so that hiring managers and recruiters can look in afterward to see how they did. 
  • With Lytmus’ business model, the company only gets paid when the platform successfully places a hire.
Some other startups in the field: Triplebyte, Gradberry.

Social Media Job Search & Hiring & Recruitment Trends

Social media can play a major role in finding a job whether a new one or a better one !
  • In 2012, companies were projected to use social media to recruit for more than four out of five job openings. 
  • Some 95% of recruiters have already successfully hired candidates found through LinkedIn. Twitter and Facebook are also helping job-seekers connect with employers.
  • Recruiters use social media for a variety of reasons
    • Saves them money
    • Raises brand awareness
    • Good way to target people with specific skill sets. 
    • Helps them find solid candidates who might otherwise never even get on their radar.
According to Eye-tracking studies
  • People spend an average of under six seconds looking at social media profiles, meaning first impressions are key. 
  • Job titles and profile photos get the most attention, so those are among the most important sections of your page to spruce up.
Data source & Methodology
  • The above data was all pulled together by OnlineDegrees.com, a site that connects students with Internet-based education programs. 
  • OnlineDegrees compiled reports from a variety of sources and research organizations to fill out the picture of how social media can boost your job search.


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