Social Media Spams & Scams: Trends

What is Social Media SPAM ?
Illegal or malicious content published by real or fake users on blogs, social networks, major media sites, etc.
A recent case in Social  Media SPAM.
Impermium uncovered a widespread propaganda effort that uses social spam to change voters' mind by GOP candidates.
Methods used:
  • Evil Spambots: GOP candidates are being promoted through the same accounts & techniques as those spamming counterfeit goods and black market Viagra
  • Fake Accounts: 60% of all political spam comes from fake social profiles with no normal user activity. In one of the cases numerous zombie sleeper cells were found to be activating for 3 days posting 500 negative comments each about Mitt Romney and then vanished 
  • Impersonations: Look-alike usernames that resemble popular public figures in social forums are posting political spam messages
  • Incendiary blog comments: Fake stories about candidates, issues and positions posted up to 200 times per hour to thousands of blogs
What does the law say about such Political spam ?
The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 upholds the use of electronic communication to distribute information of a political nature. But Coercion, misrepresentation and deception are illegal

Another recent case of Twitter Scam