Pinterest's Secret Weapons: Features That Make It So Addictive, Sticky & Grow Virally

[This is a part of our main article about the complete details on Pinterest's Users Growth Statistics & Trends]
Note this:
  • Pinterest is growing virally & exponentially: 866% growth in monthly unique visits from Sep 2011 to Feb 2002.
  • Pinterest is immensely addictive & sticky: Pinterest users spend an average 98 minutes on site per month, third only to Tumblr (2.5 hours) and Facebook (7 hours).

The following infographic created by Column Five, tries to precisely unlock the secrets to this breakthrough success. The infographic attributes this viral growth of Pinterest and its addictive / sticky nature to the following features
  • Pinterest simple & neat design
  • Targets the addiction to hoard content and images by internet users
  • A refreshing break for the overly social Twitter & Facebook where the users can be at their own too
  • Pinterest gives you an opportunity to be popular by placing the new pins on the front page and also attracting other friends from your Facebook profile to follow your pins
( I do have my reservations on the point regarding Accessibility - You can tweet / FB like / Digg / StumbleUpon... from other sites too )



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