Earth Hour 2012 Facts, Impact & Reach Statistics, Historical Facts

Hundreds of millions of people, businesses and governments around the world unite each year to support the largest environmental event in history - 
Earth Hour
Interesting Facts about Earth Hour 2012  | Full Earth Hour History & Timeline | Earth Hour Impact & Power Savings Statistics

What is Earth Hour All about
  • The Earth Hour is organized by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It is also renowned as World Wildlife Fund
  • Participants turn off their unessential lights during the Earth Hour
  • Earth Hour is celebrated on last Saturday of March every year for one hour in the evening starting from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm as per the local time zone
  • Earth Hour 2012 will be held on Saturday March 31 at 8.30pm-9.30pm
  • "I Will If You Will": This year Earth hour has launched “I Will If You Will” on YouTube to showcase how everyone has the power to change the world. The ask is to head to YouTube to tell what you are willing to do to save the planet or accept one of the challenges already received from supporters. See an example below
  • United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has pledged his support for Earth Hour. He promised that the UN would be switching off their lights. 
  • Although the smallest independent state in the world, Vatican City is the spiritual home of 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide. As an act of support for Earth Hour, the Vatican will be turning off the lights of the dome atop St Peter’s Basilica, the greatest church of Christendom. St Peter’s dome dominates the skyline of Rome, rising to height of 136.57 metres.
  • Earth Hour will be celebrated all over Kenya this year, with UNEP, Sarova hotels, and the Kenya Tea Development Authority (KTDA) all getting on board to do their bit for the planet. The KTDA are going way beyond the hour reducing energy consumption and water use at the headquarters and instigating a tree planting initiative to be taken up by some 540,000 farmers across the country. 
  • The world’s football governing body FIFA,The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, is going well beyond the hour in 2012, switching off lights at its HQ in Zurich and holding a day of staff action, inviting its 208 member associations and more than 60 Football for Hope implementing organisations around the world, to also join in support for Earth Hour.
  • Nathi Mzileni, Swaziland’s 16-year-old Earth Hour dynamo, has garnered even more support for his country’s campaign, securing the support of Princess Tsandzile, a minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The buildings of the Ministry, along with the Public Service Pension Fund, will turn off their lights on March 31. 
  • The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, as part of Earth Hour’s I Will If You Will campaign, has created a trade union network challenge to further encourage the transition to a more sustainable and low carbon economy. "If 100 trade union federations reach out to their national governments and ask them to invest 2% of the value of their economy (GDP) in green jobs, then I will ask the top 100 CEOs to support unions to run environmental awareness initiatives and to invest in greening their supply chains and products to create new jobs."
  • Twenty National Hockey League (NHL) arenas will be switching-off non-essential lighting for one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 PM local time.
  • Dual world record holding wingsuit pilot, mountaineer, writer and adventure photographer Heather Swan will leap off a cliff to show her support for Earth Hour.
  • For Earth Hour 2012, Siemens Home Appliances Division Poland has announced the “The Energy Is Inside Us” challenge. For every 10,000 supporters of the energy saving action on Siemens Poland facebook page, Siemens Home Appliances company will provide three energy efficient Siemens home appliances to a foster home. 
  • HSBC colleagues in 58 offices around the world will be switching off their lights, at the workplace and at home, at 8:30pm (local time) this Saturday 31st March to support WWF's Earth Hour 2012. 
  • Despite a recent bloody coup that ousted dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi from power, and amid continued political unrest in the lead-up to elections in mid 2012, war-torn Libya’s first ever Earth Hour event is being planned, which will see the lights switched off in the former King’s Castle, now the National Museum. All thanks to the efforts of two teenagers - nineteen-year-old Mohammad Nattah and  Muhammad Bugashata 
  • The staff at World Heritage site, the Sydney Opera House, have pledged to go on a month-long “paper diet” as part of Earth Hour’s I Will If You Will challenge campaign. Staff will reduce paper usage and also hold a paper-free day on 30 March 2012. 
  • One of the greatest footballers of his generation, Francesco Totti, has signed on as an Ambassador for Earth Hour 2012. Known as Il Bimbo d’Oro (The Golden Boy), Totti is the captain of Seria A club Roma, where he is the highest goal-scorer of all time. 
  • Jerry James Stone, the producer and recipe developer for Treehugger’s Green Wine Guide,  has pledged to go vegan for a whole month if 1,000 of his fans go vegan for a week, as a part of his "I Will If You Will" promise.
  • Italian National Rugby Team under the banner for the first time
  • Under the WWF banner for the very first time, the Italian Rugby Team scrummed down for the planet, playing at the Olympic Stadium in Rome at the recent Six Nations Tournament. A few days before their official debut, the official Italian Earth Hour video was shot at the Olympic Stadium. The video shows rugby stars Andrea Lo Cicero, Simone Favaro and Cornelius Van Zyl, ‘passing the panda’, and inviting their fans and the general public to change their bad habits and ‘team up’ for a more sustainable world.
  • 16-year old Nathi Mzileni organised Swaziland’s Earth Hour response all by himself last year. In 2012 he’s doing it all again, persuading Big Game Parks to participate in the new I WIll if You Will campaign, by offering a group of Year-7 students a tour and lunch, in return for clearing the main road of rubbish three times a year. He’s also garnered the support of Swaziland’s biggest newspaper to promote Earth Hour, and enlisted the backing of three government departments.
  • This year the world’s most populous democracy, India, has a host of events lined up for March 31 with some of the country’s best known citizens getting right behind the campaign. These include film actors Dhanush, Rana Daggubati, and Rituparna Sengupta; classical musicians Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan; and cricket’s ‘little master’, Sachin Tendulkar who is India’s national face of Earth Hour. Right across India, the megacities will be competing for the award of Earth Hour champion, with people turning out to make sure their city wins. New Delhi will be hosting a major MTV Unplugged concert utilizing alternative energy sources to power the performances, while down south, Mysore Palace, India’s most popular tourist attraction, will be hosting a concert and switching off its lights for Earth Hour.
  • In UAE major landmarks will go dark across all the 7 emirates to mark the event. World-renowned buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi and Al Qasbah in Sharjah will be added to a long list of prestigious landmarks that will go dark. 
Earth Hour 2012 on Facebook Statistics: 
Earth Hour Page on Facebook nearing is 700K Fans and growing exponentially (

Earth Hour Power Savings & Impact: Real Facts & Statistics
  • Example of Toronto: According to Toronto Hydro, energy consumption between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m. in Earth Hour 2011 dropped 115 megawatts. Previous year, witnessed a decrease of 296 megawatts or about a 10 per cent savings. In 2009, the city experienced about a 15 per cent decrease in energy consumption.
  • Example of Bangalore, India: The Earth Hour 2011 campaign that saw an enthusiastic response from IT companies, offices, five-star hotels and commercial hubs saved as much as 60mw of power compared to other days.
  • The last data released by the WWF were for 2008, which was only the second Earth Hour. Individual cities have reported energy savings such as 170 megawatts in Jakarta, 400,000 kilowatts and over $23,000 in Vietnam and 204,000 kilowatts in Dubai. In Canada there were mixed results. In Alberta and Calgary, energy use rose slightly or remained steady. However, in British Columbia, 117 megawatts were saved during Earth Hour.
  • Full statistics on Earth Hour 2011 Power Consumption Savings from Canada
    • New Brunswick - It was New Brunswick's most successful Earth Hour to date, according to NB Power. Electricity consumption decreased by 24 megawatts, which is the equivalent to seeing 480,000 lights turned off in the province.
    • Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Power claims the province saved 18 megawatts of power.
    • Prince Edward Island - Only about 2,200 islanders participated, in stark contrast to the 21,000 who took part in 2009.
    • Ontario - Below-seasonal temperatures in Toronto are the excuse for a four per cent drop in energy consumption as compared to six per cent last year.
    • Manitoba - Not only did Manitoba Hydro not track participation, most Manitobans surveyed had little idea as to what Earth Hour was.
    • Saskatchewan - A two per cent drop in Saskatoon points to more substantial participation than in previous years.
    • Alberta - The minor blip in energy reduction in Calgary is barely countable. In Edmonton, power consumption actually increased !
    • British Columbia - B.C. saw 117 megawatts of power saved over the course of one hour. That's a 1.04 per cent drop in the province's electricity load, and less of a dent made in both 2009 and 2008.
Last time's Earth Hour: Earth Hour Statistics & Facts from 2011
  • Earth Hour 2011 was the biggest year in the campaign's five year history, reaffirming it as the largest ever voluntary action for the environment. 
  • It took place in a record 5,251 cities and towns in 135 countries and territories in all seven continents.
  • It had an estimated reach of 1.8 billion people across the globe. In addition to this, the campaign's digital footprint grew to 91 million.
  • Some of the world’s most recognized landmarks including the Forbidden City, Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Golden Gate Bridge, Table Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue and Sydney Opera House switched off their lights during Earth Hour 2011’s iconic global ‘lights out’ event 
  • In India, the Earth Hour 2011 was held on 26 March 2011 from 8.30 PM to 9.30 PM IST, the Earth Hour 2011 was flagged off by the Delhi Chief Minister Smt.Sheila Dixit and Earth Hour 2011 Ambassador and Bollywood Heroine Vidya Balan in the presence of Mr.Jim Leape, Director General, WWF International.
  • In Azerbaijan, Maiden Tower darkened for Earth Hour.
  • YouTube promoted the Earth Hour by changing its logo, and by adding a switch on/off feature near the title of each video, so that users can change the background color from white to black.
Earth Hour 2011: Weird & Interesting Facts & Statistics
  • The Philippines, had an early "earth hour" when power supply was accidentally interrupted, plunging Metro Manila and nearby provinces into darkness. Nevertheless, even after power was restored, major buildings, commercial centers and residential areas in Metro Manila and most provinces continued to turn off their lights. While participating channels in the Philippines, ABS-CBN and Cartoon Network halted their transmissions for an hour.
  • One of the least co-operative areas traditionally has been Alberta; in 2008, Calgary's power consumption went up during Earth Hour. The trend continued in 2011 when Edmonton's power usage also increased. While Calgary's power usage went down in 2011 during the event, electricity officials could not distinguish their readings between normal usage and a conscious attempt to participate.
  • 30 provinces and cities in Vietnam took part in Earth Hour 2011 with the main event held in Nha Trang. However, the nation's electricity demand fell only 400,000 kWh, which is one fifth less than the previous year's. Vietnam managed to save 500 million VND ($23,809) thanks to the saved power.
Complete Earth Hour Historical Facts & Timeline
  • 2004 - WWF Australia meets with advertising agency, Leo Burnett Sydney for ideas engaging Australians on the issue of climate change after being confronted with serious scientific data. 
  • 2005 - WWF Australia and Leo Burnett Sydney start developing the concept of a large scale switch off with the project's working title being "The Big Flick". The idea was to initiate a campaign based on hope not fear and should enable everyone to take personal responsibility for the future of the planet we live on.
  • 2006 - Earth Hour name was drafted after Leo Burnett was asked to come up with a campaign name that represents more than simply flicking off lights. The Earth Hour name allows the campaign to broaden the focus from “lights out” to sustainability. 
    • WWF Australia and Leo Burnett Sydney get backing of Fairfax Media for the the Earth Hour concept.
    • Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP agrees to support
  • 31 March 2007 - The inaugural Earth Hour is held in Sydney Australia 7.30pm - 8.30pm, 2.2 million Sydneysiders and 2,100 businesses participate
  • April 2007 - Plans developed to make Earth Hour a national event in Australia, but international cities  also began signing up to the next Earth Hour campaign
  • 29 March 2008 - Earth Hour is held in 371 cities and towns in more than 35 countries globally at 8pm-9pm. A highly conservative estimate concludes that 50 million people participate. This number could have been as high as 100 million people
  • 28 March 2009: Earth Hour held on Saturday March 28 at 8.30pm-9.30pm. Hundreds of millions of people in more than 4,000 cities and towns across 88 countries switched off their lights for one hour, creating a visual mandate for action on climate change effectively kick-starting the world’s first global vote.
  • July 2009 - Earth Hour's Vote Earth campaign releases the Vote Earth symbol calling on citizens of the world to show their vote for Earth over Global Warming.
  • November 2009 - Earth Hour’s Vote Earth launches The People’s Orb, a shimmering silver sphere encasing a 350 gigabyte hard drive with video, images and documents representing the hundreds of millions of people who voted Earth to call for action on climate change. A tangible representation of the voice of the world’s people, The People’s Orb relays from Sydney to Copenhagen in the care of a variety of custodians ranging from former heads of state to iconic rock stars.
  • December 2009 - Global awareness of climate change soars to unprecedented levels during an historic meeting of 192 nations at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vote Earth campaign culminates on 16th December with Earth Hour Copenhagen. The People’s Orb, is entrusted to UN Chef de Cabinet, Vijay Nambiar to be presented to world leaders. The People’s Orb takes centre stage in the plenary on the final day of the conference alongside UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, in front of President of the United States, Barack Obama, Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, COP President and Climate Minister Connie Hedegaard and over 100 heads of state.
  • 27 March 2010 - Earth Hour is held on Saturday March 27 at 8.30pm-9.30pm. A record 128 countries and territories take part and iconic buildings and landmarks from Asia Pacific to Europe and Africa to the Americas stand in darkness.
  • 26 March 2011 - Earth Hour is held on Saturday March 26 at 8.30pm-9.30pm with 135 countries taking part. Earth Hour 2011 is the first Earth Hour to go beyond the hour, by asking supporters to think about what else they can do to make a difference. is launched to give supporters a place to share stories and pledge to do more.
  • 31 March 2012 - Earth Hour 2012 will be held on Saturday March 31 at 8.30pm-9.30pm wherever you are in the world. So save the date and keep coming back to to find out what’s in store.
An interesting infographic for Earth Hour 2011 Promotion mentioning some facts, benefits and stats relating the 2010 Earth Hour campaign