IVF Surrogacy Facts: IVF Surrogacy India Process, Cost, Cases, Medical & Legal Facts

IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is a process in which egg cells from a woman are fertilised with sperms outside her body and later injected into the ovaries.
IVF Surrogacy Facts, Successful cases, Cost
IV Surrogacy Process Facts
According to Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, director, Isis Hospital
  • There has been a 60-70% increase in foreign nationals opting for surrogacy in the recent years. 
  • At present, 120 surrogate mothers associated with their clinic are pregnant and 180 deliveries are expected till August. 
  • There is a huge demand not only because of cheap facilities but the fact that Indian women are not usually into drugs and alcohol.
  • Children born to surrogate mothers are relatively healthy
  • Maximum patients - single men/ women, gay couple and those suffering from medical conditions that cause infertility - come from Australia, Spain, the US, and European nations.
  • The IVF centre hires surrogate mothers through an agency and the patients are brought in by companies dealing with medical tourism. 
  • On an average, they get 10-15 requests for surrogacy in India from Spain. The demand from other countries is also very high
  • Many Indians too, who are either divorced or want to remain single, are also opting for assisted reproductive technique (ART) in which a woman carries the baby of another woman in her womb.
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    Cost of IVF Surrogacy
    • According to Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, director, Isis Hospital, where the IVF procedure was conducted successfully the cost of surrogacy in India is Rs 12-14 lakh compared to 2 million dollars (approximately) in the US.
    Medical & Legal Facts on IVF Surrogacy
    • Indian Council of Medical Research issued guidelines in 2005 which allow surrogacy only in cases where no other possibility of reproduction exists.
    • Legal experts say that surrogate parents are given the status of guardians applying the adoption provision under Indian Guardianship and Wards Act 1890.
    IV Surrogacy Successful Cases In India Facts
    • For Ronald Gregory, 51, and Vicky Nadya, 41, a hearing- and speech-impaired couple from Queensland, their desire for a child made a couple fly all the way from Australia - to be rewarded with, not one, but two baby girls through surrogacy in India. 
    • It took them a nine-month wait and then a 13-hour flight to see their dream come alive. 
    • The dream of having a baby seemed far when doctors told them surrogacy was the only way to have a child.
    • Her doctors in Australia advised her to opt for surrogacy. Since surrogacy is not legal there, she could either go to the US or India for it. Finally, the couple chose India. 
    • ISIS hopsital conducts IVF as well as surrogacy programmes under the parent organisation Surrogacy Centre India (SCI). 
    • So far about 250 babies have been born under SCI Healthcare's Surrogacy Programme and handed over to their families. 
    • For this case, the doctor chose the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) with surrogacy, a technique where a sperm cell is injected directly into the ovum. 
    • About nine months ago, Ronald and Vicky visited India to donate the sperm and begin the process. The surrogate mother of their children is from Delhi. 
    • Even with their physical impairment, the couple says they did not face any problem in India. 
    • In Vicky's case, none of the attempts was successful due to her age and weak eggs. 
    Another case of IVF Surrogacy success in India
    • Juan Carlos, a Spanish businessman has been blessed with two bundles of joy - son Antonio and daughter Rosio. 
    • The twins are India's New Year gift to the 41-year-old. 
    • Born to a surrogate mother, both the babies are healthy, weighing 2.7kg and 2.5kg respectively.
    • Carlos did not want to marry, but always wanted to be a father.He opted for surrogacy. 
    • For Carlos the successful childbirth comes after three failed attempts.
    Celebrities Who have gone through IVF Surrogacy
    • Aamir Khan, who is already a father of two kids, a boy Junaid and a girl Ira from his first marriage to Reena Dutta, recently got blessed with a baby boy - Azad. As per the reports, the baby was born through IVF to a surrogate mother on December 1 at a private 
    • Singer Ricky Martin, who recently admitted to being a gay, is a single parent to twin sons.
    • Nicole Kidman had a baby girl - Faith Margaret Kidman Urban - last year via a surrogate mother.
    • Elton John and partner David Furnish's son Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish John, was born to a surrogate mother on a Christmas day in 2010.
    • Late Pop king Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe gave birth to the singer's two elder children, Prince Michael and Paris, during their three-year marriage. Jackson's youngest child, Prince Michael II, was born to an unnamed surrogate.
    • Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have surrogate twins - Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, after facing problems in conceiving a sibling for their 6 year old son James Wilkie Broderick.
    • Farah gave birth to triplets - one son, Czar, and two daughters, Diva and Anya in 2008 through IVF.
    • 'Friends' star Courtney Cox gave birth to baby girl Coco in 2004 through IVF.
    • Singer Celine Dion got all her 3 kids - son Rene-Carles and twins Eddyand Nelson through IVF.


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