Breast Implants / Augmentation Facts, Statistics & Health Controversies

Breast Augmentation Beginning: Facts about the First Women with Breast Implants

  • In 1962, a 30-year-old mother of six in Texas, Timmie Jean Lindsay was persuaded to join a human trial for breast augmentation with silicone prostheses. 
  • She had no idea of its implications, least of all that she would be known for ever as the woman with the first breast implants. 

Latest Breast Impants Facts Growth Trends & Statistics

Breast Implants: Facts, Statistics, Trends

  • Now celebrating its 50th year, the device that is implanted under the breast tissue or chest muscle, generally to increase bust size, has become unimaginably successful
  • In 2010, there were 1.5 million such breast implant surgeries worldwide
  • According to a survey by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) 
    • There were 51,000 breast augmentation surgeries in India in 2010, the seventh highest in the world. 
    • The cost of implanting a pair of silicone gel cups in India could go up to Rs 1.3 lakh, depending on the hospital and surgeon involved and the quality of the product. 
    • While the average surgeon’s fee for breast implants is $3,629 in the US, in India it’s a competitive $2,405. 
  • A majority of Indian women who choose breast implants want to enhance shape and volume. A smaller number of breast implant patients want to restore a breast that has been disfigured or lost to cancer. 
  • Breast Implants are becoming extremely popular due to exposure to literature and media, rising aspirations and money
  • A growing middle class that is exposed to celeb lifestyles, wooed by the cosmetic industry and influenced heavily by the marriage market, thinks nothing of shelling out a lakh or two for a perkier body shape. 
  • Silicone is preferred over saline breast implants because it has a more natural feel. 
  • Three factors decide the final cup size for breast implants
    • Patient’s aspirations
    • The structure of her body
    • The aesthetic sense of the surgeon.
  • It’s preferred that the breast implant patients are at least 18 years old and have completed their physical growth. 
  • Breast Implant Patients are advised about the risks involved, which could include rupture, infection, scarring, asymmetry and bleeding. But these occur in less than 5% of cases. 
  • Doctors also assert that there’s no cancer risk.

Breast Implant Health Implications & Controversies about Health impact

  • Allegations being made, off and on, about Breast Implants link to health problems. 
  • The issue is back in the headlines now ever since reports emerged that one of the largest manufacturers of breast implants, French company PIP, had been using illegally obtained low-cost gel which was never tested on humans to make it. 
  • As fears spread that those women with PIP breast implants are at risk of rupturing in the body and leaking a questionable type of gel, experts say that Indian women who have gone under the knife probably need not worry because there are no dealers of PIP breast implants in the country. 
  • Breast implants are not manufactured in India. All are imported from the US, Europe or the Far East. Reputed hospitals use American ones because FDA has higher norms of checking than even those of European countries. 

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