World's Highest Altitude Airports

China will construct the world's highest-altitude airport next year in Tibet, which will the sixth in the strategic Himalayan region.

World's Highest Altitude Airport

  • The world's highest airport is planned at an altitude of 4,436 meters in Nagqu prefecture
  • This proposed airport will be 102 meters higher than Bamda Airport in Tibet's Qamdo prefecture , currently the world's highest airport.
  • The world's highest airport will cover an area of up to 660 acres.
  • The airport is expected to cost $285million with a three-year construction period.
  • The increase in flight services is expected to help Tibet's airports handle 2.2 million passengers and 15,000 tonnes of cargo in 2012, 
  • Tibet already has five civilian airports, at least two of which are only open for a few months of the year because of extreme weather which makes flying impossible the rest of the time.