Maximum Calories Burning Exercises Tips: Top Ways to Loose Weight

While we look for loosing weight or staying in shape, we want to see maximum calories burnt with minimum excercising efforts we make. So here is a list of exercises which will help you burn at least 200 calories daily. 

Top Maximum Calories Burning Exercises and Tips

  • Aerobics: A great form of exercise to fast paced racy music makes you lose enough calories. 
  • Aero boxing: The workout involves a combination of aerobic exercises with boxing techniques and has been formulated for the first time to help people stay fit. 
  • Hooping: A form of aerobic exercise, it uses the hula hoop and has moved from being a toy to being a dance and exercise aid. It is fun, childlike, and meditative, all of which make it good for the spirit. 
  • Walking: 20 minutes of brisk walking everyday will make sure you don't put on an ounce of weight. It will keep you in such great shape that you wouldn't ever feel the need to go on a diet!
  • Dance: The best form of exercise, it helps you lose plenty of weight apart from keeping you lithe! US research shows that a vigorous dance class can burn as many calories as a gym workout. Calories danced away per hour: Ballroom: 180-480; Belly dancing: 180-300; Jive/swing dance: 250-400 Salsa: 400. 
  • Jump rope: Single-rope freestyle jump roping is one sport that is increasingly becoming famous among fitness freaks, both as a competitive activity and a way to increase strength, balance and cardio-respiratory endurance. 
  • Yoga: Whether it is power yoga, artistic or ashtanga yoga, the lightness of body, serenity and bliss you feel with this form of exercise will keep you hooked with it and you may never want to try out another form of exercise ever.
  • Qigong: These exercises involve various breath control techniques, meditation and relaxation. It is similar to pranayama. While doing Qigong, the practitioner spends little energy, but at the end of a session there is profuse perspiration, little elevation in blood pressure, but increased levels of energy. 
  • Budokon: It is a fusion of yoga with the high-intensity kickboxing across the hall 
  • Spinning: This is a relatively new phenomenon, which is performed on a specialised cycling machine. The classes take place in a fitness studio with specialised lights and music that create an upbeat atmosphere.