Hottest & Sexiest Indian Showbiz Women for 2011

Not only these women are hot and sexy, they have completely changed the game of Indian showbiz in 2011 with their boldness. 
Hottest Sexiest Indian Showbiz Women in 2011
  • RANI MUKERJI: She debuted in films as a sweet and sexy girlnext-door. This year, though, Rani played a role that took everyone surprise. As the firebrand journalist in No One Killed Jessica, she smoked and swore, discarding everything that was ladylike. She was bold enough to enact a scene where she's in bed with her boyfriend. And when she had to rush for an urgent assignment, she tells her man to 'help himself '!
  • VIDYA BALAN: Who would have thought that the podgy, bespectacled girl from the television serial Hum Paanch would become the face of curvylicious sexuality. Vidya, as Silk in The Dirty Picture, proved to all detractors that she can not just be desirable but can even produce a blockbuster without an A-list actor starring in the film. And with her recently admitting that she is comfortable to do "anything in front of the camera", this lady seems to have changed Indian cinema today!
  • POORNA JAGANNATHAN: When she kissed Imran Khan in the end of Delhi Belly in a moving car, she had all the men rooting for a girl like that. Like Rani's character in NOKJ, Poorna too was the complete go-getter, who uses Imran as a pawn to make her psychotic husband jealous. This 30-something actress is yet another unconventional hottie, who's made 2011 all the more scorching!
  • POONAM PANDEY: When the entire nation was celebrating the fact that the Indian cricket team won the World Cup after nearly two decades, here comes an unknown starlet who offers to strip for their victory. Soon thereafter, Poonam Pandey became one of the most desired women of the year with more such proclamations. Reality television in India found a new star too!
  • SUNNY LEONE: If anyone wants to learn how to get an image makeover, they should meet Sunny. This porn star from the United States is currently starring in a reality show in the country. She seems to have made porn acceptable, with the audience rooting for her as their favourite. When she asked one of her fellow male contestants to apologise to her for making her feel 'uncomfortable' with his actions, the audience cheered!
  • VEENA MALIK: This Pakistani model-turned-actor has become a household name in India. Following her television stint last year, she was all set to find her spouse through a reality show. When the television industry here objected to the show, as she wasn't Indian, she did the best thing to get back on the 'most wanted' radar. She shed her clothes and posed topless (apparently) for a magazine cover, sporting an ISI tattoo.