History & Evolution Timeline of Advertising

In 2011, online advertising has beaten out print and radio as the number two place ad dollars are spent. Lets take this opportunity to understand how advertising has evolved this far by looking at the History and evolution of advertising by the way of an illustrated timeline, created by Infolinks.

History Evolution of Advertising

  • Four thousand years ago: Ancient Egyptians invented advertising by carving public notices in steel. 
  • Present day: in-text online ads, Facebook Like-driven campaigns and viral commercials, such as the Old Spice Guy
  • The evolution from steal to digital took many turns along its way, such as print fliers hoping to get young men to fight in the Revolutionary War, billboards spurred by the rise of automobiles, electric banner ads following the invention of the light bulb (Times Square’s first went up in 1882) and direct marketing with the nascent postal service.

History & Evolution of advertising