World's & India's Top Cities To Live in: Best Cities for Quality of Life, Personal Safety

India's Top Cities to live in
An opinion poll conducted by IMRB across the country’s eight biggest urban agglomerations. The cities chosen for this survey were the only ones with populations of 5 million or more according to the 2011 census. Most cities have their areas of strength and weakness in a matrix of 30 parameters, which ends up evening out the balance quite a bit at the overall level. 
  • Ahmedabad is the best of India’s mega-cities
  • Pune, Mumbai and Delhi followed in a very close contest. 
  • Bottom-placed Kolkata showed up as a laggard on most counts.   
  • Hard Fact: Even the best rated of the top cities to live in, barely made it to a rating of “average” on a scale ranging from “very poor” to “very good”.  

India's Top Cities ranking: 

  1. Ahmedabad
  2. Pune
  3. Delhi
  4. Mumbai
  5. Bangalore
  6. Hyderabad
  7. Chennai
  8. Kolkata
India's Top cities under various categories:
  • Social Infra : Delhi 
  • Physical & Civic Infra : Ahmedabad
  • Environment: Bangalore
  • Social And Cultural Values: Ahmedabad Hyderabad
  • Peace Of Mind: Ahmedabad Pune Hyderabad
  • Leisure Facilities: Mumbai
  • Commuting: Delhi Mumbai
World's Top Cities to Live In
As per a  ‘Quality of Living Survey – Worldwide Rankings, 2011’ — by global HR consultancy major Mercer to rank the top cities in the world:
World's best cities to live life in
  • Vienna is followed by Zurich, Auckland, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Bern among the top-ranked cities in terms of quality of living 
  • Baghdad has been ranked lowest in terms of quality of living. Other cities with the lowest quality of living are Khartoum, Sudan (217); Portau-Prince, Haiti (218); N'Djamena, Chad (219); and Bangui, Central African Republic (220). 
  • World’s best cities in terms of personal safety standards, Luxembourg has been placed on the top, followed by Bern, Helsinki, Zurich, Vienna, Geneva and Stockholm. 
  • In terms of safety standards also, Baghdad is ranked the least safe city at 221st position. 
About the survey for world's best cities by Mercer:
  • Many Asian cities rank at the bottom due to social instability, political turmoil, pollution, disease and sanitation issues; natural disasters such as typhoons and tsunamis; and lack of suitable infrastructure