Startup Enterpreneurs - Characteristics, B-Schools, Education, Age, Location

LinkedIn mined the data of its more than 115 million users to understand the top characteristics of startup entrepreneurs.The results of this study are as follows

  • Startup Enterpreneurs - Age Characteristics: More people ages 30 to 39 start companies than those ages 20 to 29.
  • Startup Enterpreneurs - B-Schools: Prestigious business schools such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and Dartmouth top the list of most-entrepreneurial schools.
  • Startup Enterpreneurs - Education: Engineering, physics and computer science majors were the most likely to start a company, while nursing, administration and social work majors were the least likely.
  • Startup Enterpreneurs - Work Experience: Big tech giants like Google, eBay, Yahoo, Adobe, Microsoft and Apple were common on the resumes of startup founders.
  • Startup Enterpreneurs - Geographic Location: San Francisco was the top startup region, with New York City in second place and Boston in third.


Startup Enterpreneurs - Characteristics, B-schools, Age, Location


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