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Watch Hot New Movie Release: The Dirty Picture starring Vidya Balan in a never before sensational role  
The Dirty Picture Hot Wallpaper
  • Film The Dirty Picture stars Vidya Balan as the hot South Indian siren Silk Smitha.
  • Silk Smitha was the biggest sensation down south and was known for her bold and daring erotica on celluloid. At a point, filmmakers could not imagine releasing a film without a titillating song or cameo by Silk. She was every filmmaker's lucky charm. So, the film is being released on her birthday only to pay tribute to her.
  • Vidya Balan exposes her body like never before in hot movie The Dirty Picture.
  • The poster and the logo of the film The Dirty Picture has a very 1980s feel to it because the movie is set in that period.

Watch The Dirty Picture Trailer Video

Here in the trailer:
  • Emraan Hashmi calls women rainbow-like as Balan exhales smoke and is surrounded by a throng as the music BappiLahiristically ah-ahs.
  • Naseeruddin Shah, rocking a pencil moustache, is introduced as a particularly sleazy admirer, while Vidya continues dhak-dhakking her way through various cheesy but bosomy scenarios.
  • Tushhar Kapoor, hiding behind a Burt Reynolds moustache, also falls for Silk, but is clearly out of his depth as he looks to have swallowed his tongue.
  • And then we see Hashmi, looking like he stepped out of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, looking at Balan appraisingly, apparently "the man who hated her."
  • Then comes more oomph: Balan in purple sizzling against a blackboard, rolling in green filmi grounds with Naseer, making out in a car, raising a foam-covered leg from a bathtub to pose for an excited photographer, and finally letting Naseer unravel a wet scarlet sari with the December 2 date superimposed on it.
  • It's a simple, fun trailer but Balan looks jawdropping enough to make sure we remember the release date very well indeed.
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