Video Advertising Landing Page Performance Statistics

Toy company Lego ran a mobile banner ad campaign in the Singapore market that experimented with two separate landing pages: a 30-second video running on Google’s mobile ad network and a mobile-optimized website.
Mobile Advertising Performance Statistics

  • The 30-second video running on Google’s mobile ad network appeared to perform better with the company reporting a 1.3% CTR. 
  • Lego saw a 1% CTR for the mobile site. 
  • Some 10.65% of users clicked to be taken to other pages when prompted to learn more about the products on the ad
  • Viewers watched the 30-second video clip for an average of 23 seconds.

Affinity's VISTA Digital service measured reader response to a variety of interactive digital ad formats on mobile devices, including sponsored videos, photo galleries and 3D product views. Of the viewers who interacted with sponsored videos:

  • 88% said they enjoyed the experience
  • 87% said it enhanced the magazine reading experience
  • 88% said they learned more about the product
  • 89% now view the brand as innovative as a result.

In a separate study by the Internet Advertising Bureau, Video ads were among the most likely - along with search - to inspire viewer action out of several types of digital ads. 

  • Data from the study indicates 41% of both video and search ad viewers have taken some type of action resulting from the ad in the past six months.