Top Controversies in Anna Hazare's Lokpal Bill / Anti-corruption Campaign: Nudity, Betrayal, Uncontrolled Speeches

Anna Hazare's Anti Corruption Lokpal Bill campaign was hugely successful. However the hugely popular Anti corruption campaign by Anna Hazare was not without controversies.  Check out some of the hottest controversies from Anna Hazare's lokpl bill, anti corruption campaign. 

  • Nudity in the name of Anna: Anna inspired a 24 year-old DJ, Jenny D, who started a new movement inspired by Anna Hazaare. Called ‘Fight the casting couch’, Jenny has done a nude photo shoot with the tricolor wrapped around her, along with a topless shoot with the words ‘Me Anna Hazare’ written on her back. Jenny herself has been a victim of molestation in Bollywood and that’s what urged her to fight against this serious issue.

Anna Hazare Lokpal Bill Controversies from Anti Corruption Campaign

  • Mole in Team Anna: Swami Agnivesh: A video surfaced on 'youtube' yesterday showing Agnivesh, a close associate of Hazare, purportedly telling a person alleged to be a Union Minister that the government should act tough with the fasting Gandhian.

  • Ompuri's Controversial derogatory speech

  • Kiran Bedi's Speech


  1. What India needs now more than ever before is a new national awakening & an immediate alliance of the good against the evil. We need a thorough metamorhosis & complete makeover to bid goodbye to the murky past & welcome a glorious future. Only an entirely new breed of good, honest, enlightened, modern, progressive & dynamic politicians totally committed to the nation & the citizens can give our aspirations & endeavours an entirely new & different direction, dimension, quality, content & impetus & also firmly lead us into the 21st century. It must result in a brand new, untainted, credible & thereby truly popular political party 100 % committed to India & Indians. A formidable combination of Team Anna, Ramdevji & Mr S Swamy & other good & honest Indians can fix this. It must do what it takes to capure power at the Centre & the states asap & use it to democratically annihilate the corrupt plundering & killing India & Indians 24/7. Its seeds are visible in the anti-corruption movement today & it must be allowed to germinate & bloom. However, its grass-root character must be preserved all the way & none allowed to hijack & destroy it. Good Indians must now enter politics en masse & displace all the bums, bounders & buccaneers currently in it to make it happen. A national & international talent hunt can tco it. The new leaders must change our politics from the present supremely silly, primitive, anachronistic, completely hollow & hero-based to a serious, modern, ideology, objective, value, principle & agenda-based one, as we see in all refined modern democracies in general & welfare nations in particular. A clear premium must be placed on real merits, honesty, integrity & commitment. A holistic & scientific national agenda for progress & welfare based on the Swedish model ought to be worked out with a national consensus & made our sole guiding star. By rewriting the Indian Constitution our democracy must be modernized,100 % accountability & transparency ensured, power decentralized & all main issues addressed thoroughly & systematically. We must thus engineer a polarization between the good & the evil & annihilate the latter. It must undo meticulously all the harm done to India & Indians by the completely useless politicians 1947-2012. It must jetstart & turboboost by jailing all the corrupt & retrieving the trillions they've stolen to invest it instantly in poverty & illiteracy-elimination, welfare & infrastructure incl IT in general, clean water & electricity to all 24/7 in particular. We must thus reclaim & remake our India & transform her into the richest, most powerful & best welfare state & thereby also usher in a brand new fair deal for each & every Indian. Therein lies the one & the only panacea for all the major maladies plaguing us today. Besides, this timely tactical manoeuvre is essential to kindle a new hope among the hopeless & give them the strength to live & act. So is also a steady stream of new & constructive initiatives like this.


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