Mumbai Bomb Blast Photos & Videos - Latest Mumbai Tragedy Pictures & Updates

Three bomb blasts were reported in Mumbai on Wednesday evening in the crowded Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar areas
Mumbai Bomb Blast: Photos & Videos - Latest Updates
  • 6.54pm: Zaveri Bazaar Bomb Blast - Police said the explosive may have been kept between two vehicles, an Activa and a Hero Honda, with registration numbers MH-01 AU 4670 and MH-43 9384. The blast took placeoutside Lala Fast Food on 3rd Agiary Lane, around 50 metres from Mumbadevi temple and around 150 metres from Jama Masjid. The lane, popularly called Khau Galli, is frequented by mostly Gujarati cloth merchants and traders.The blasts, that went off within minutes of each other, injured 15.
  • 6.55pm: Opera House, Near Panchratna Bomb Blast- Here too, the explosion occurred in the Khau Galli bordering the diamond hub. The place with its narrow, crowded lanes is frequented by diamond merchants, brokers and angadias (couriers), most of them Gujaratis and Palanpuri Jains. The impact shattered windscreens of many cars and two-wheelers. Police suspect the high-intensity explosive (possibly RDX) was kept on a bike.
  • 7.06pm: Kabutarkhana, Dadar Bomb Blast - The place is a Maharashtrian stronghold and is crowded during peak hours. The blast occurred at a bus-stop near Antonio D’Silva School, 100 metres from the multi-faith island temple. An Esteem car driver and three persons on two bikes who were close to the blast site were among the injured. The bus-stop was damaged, glass panes of two shops opposite it were smashed.
  • Social networking sites were abuzz with rumours that the Lashkar-e-Taiba may have orchestrated the blasts as it was its 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasab’s 24th “birthday”. The police, however, rubbished the claims. Kasab has been jailed at Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail for over two and a half years. He is under surveillance of CCTV cameras and at least 50 commandos.

Mumbai Bomb Blast Locations

Mumbai Bomb Blast Location photos

Photos of Mumbai Serial Bomb Blasts

Shocking Photo of the Mumbai Bomb Blast Victims

Loaded onto a truck, victims of the Zaveri Bazaar blast are rushed to GT Hospital

Mumbai Blasts shocking pics

A car is seen damaged at the site of a mumbai bomb explosion in the Dadar area of Mumbai  [Source: Reuters]

Mumbai Blast victims photos

In this Mumbai bomb blast photo taken with a mobile phone, injured people lie on a street at the site of an explosion near the Opera House in Mumbai [Source: Reuters]

Latest pics, photos pf Mumbai Bomb blasts

Top: Navi Mumbai registered sedan was the worst hit

Mumbai Bomb Blast latest pictures

The bus stop where the blasts took place is on the left. A device was reportedly left in the electric meter box close to it.

Mumbai Bomb Blast photos

Police officials investigating the Mumbai bomb blast site.

Videos of the Mumbai Bomb Blast


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