Google Plus (+) Growth Statistics & User Trends

[ Updated April 2012 ]
  • Total visits to Google+ (Google Plus) grew to 61 million in March, up 27% from the previous month, according to Experian Hitwise. The following chart shows that Google+ has enjoyed relatively steady growth in monthly visits since it went live last June:
  • Google CEO Larry Page claimed in a state-of-Google blog post that Google+ now has 100 million active users, 10 million more than the figure he shared with analysts in January. Page however didn’t outline how he defined “active.” 
  • The level of activity was still a concern after comScore released data showing that users spent just 3.3 minutes on Google+ in January compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook. To that, Google has asserted that 50 million users access “Google+-enhanced” products daily and that 100 million do so once per month. However, “Google+-enhanced” includes YouTube, Google Play and the company’s homepage.
[ Updated Feb 2012 ]
Based on an unusual approach to come by his estimates, Paul Allen, a Google+ watcher, and his staff run hundreds of queries on surnames they’ve been tracking since July and then extrapolate the size of the network. His method seems to work: Allen’s numbers are often very close to figures that Google cites a few days later. Now, according to Paul Allen, Google+ is set to break 100 million users
  • Google Plus (+) is nearly 100.8 million users.
  • Google’s most recent figure for Google+ was 90 million, which Larry Page announced on Jan. 19.
  • The network has grown more than 10% in that two-week period.
  • Google+ will hit 400 million users by year’s end. That’s half the number that Facebook currently claims.
Why this growth in Google + users?
  • Google opened the network up to teens last week
  • Google plus Your World, a program introduced last month that integrated Google+ into the company’s search results, may have increased visibility for the platform.
  • Facebook’s recent moves may have also prompted some to check out the platform. For example, the company’s introduction of Timeline has rankled some users.
Google+ Usage Trends / Engagement a concern
According to a new comScore report
  • Users spent just 3.3 minutes on Google+ in January 2012 compared to 7.5 hours for Facebook
  • Numbers show a downward trend for Google Plus. 
  • Users spent 4.8 minutes on Google Plus in December and 5.1 minutes in November
Fresh Google Plus (+) Growth Statistics & User Trends Update:
  • Google+ now has more than 62 million users, according to Paul Allen, founder and unofficial traffic analyst for Google’s social network. That’s not 62 million active users, just the number of total users. 
  • Google has aggressively integrated Google+ into many other properties, including its top navigation bar and the OneBox and hence its expected to gain certain baseline amount of sign-ups from among the hundreds of millions of people using other Google products.
  • As per comScore Google+ had grown to 67 million monthly unique visitors in November 2011, up 2 million from October 2011. The reason could be that the web measurement firm’s methodology includes sampling browsing habits from people who have monitoring software installed on their computers. It has been measuring traffic to, meaning it counts anyone who clicks through within a given month, but not G+ related traffic elsewhere. Thus, while it does show active usage, it is not measuring users, just visitors.
  • More people are signing up now than in previous months, with nearly a quarter of the total user base in December alone, and around 625,000 new users per day at this point. 
  • Some of that acceleration is due to engagement (people using the service and inviting new friends to join, who then also start using it regularly. Coupled with comScore’s numbers and you can guess that the site is growing both in total size and engagement.
  • Google Plus (+) could reach 400 million users by the end of 2012. 
Google+’s has reached a monumental milestone of 25 million unique global visitors in just over a month.
  • Google+ has become the fastest social networking service to reach 25 million unique visitors. 
  • This quick ascent outpaced MySpace, Twitter and Facebook:

  • The largest traffic surge in the US occurred in mid-July and flattened out at the end of the month. 
  • The global adoption has been steadier. The strong surge occurred the second week in July through the end of the month.

  • The second largest country is India with more than half of the traffic of the United States. Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany round out the top five respectively.

  • comScore also noted that the adoption of Gmail seems to have a direct correlation to the adoption of Google+. The U.S. is the top market for Gmail, making up 54,794,000 unique visitors in June with India coming in second with 26,961,000 unique visitors, nearly the same percentage as Google+ adoption.
  • The Google+ user base skews highly male and towards the 18-34 range. Males make up 63% of all U.S. visitors, while the largest age group (visitors aged 25-34) make up 35% of all visitors. The next most popular age range for visitors is 18-24, making up 23% of all visitors.
  • Google’s Chrome has more than twice the Google+ penetration of any other browser, but yet is consistently 3rd behind Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox. While 87% of U.S. Internet users have Internet Explorer on their work and home machines, IE only makes up 23% of Google+ penetration. Google’s Chrome browser, available on just 31% of U.S. computers makes up 59% of Google+ penetration:

comScore recently released a first look at visitation to Google+. As of July 19 the user trends & statistics for Googe Plus showed tremendous increase
  • comScore showed Google+ at just about 20 million visitors worldwide, an extraordinary number in just its first three weeks.
  • That number represents an increase of 82% from the previous week and 561% vs. two weeks prior.
  • The U.S. audience recently surpassed 5 million visitors, up 81% from the previous week and 723% from two weeks earlier. 
Google+ Reaches 20 Million Global Visitors