Earthquake in Delhi: Latest Updates

[Latest Update]
Earthquake in Delhi, Quake of 4.2 magnitude hit Delhi hit just now (7 Sept 2011, 11.28 pm ) in Delhi.
  • Earthquake measured 4.2 on Richter Scale
  • Tremors felt in all parts of Delhi and NCR
  • Sonipat epicentre of Delhi Earthquakes


Earthquakes Worldwide: Facts, Statistics & Trends
Earthquakes have all of sudden seem to increase in frequency worldwide. The recent earthquake is Japan was surely one of the unprecedented examples of the massive destruction and death earthquakes can cause. Here we will try to learn about some of the facts regarding major earthquakes worldwide. Also, we will explore latest statistics in growth of earthquakes around the world, the trends behing earthquake occurences worldwide.

Largest and Deadliest Earthquakes Worldwide by Year

1990 - 2011

Largest Earthquakes Deadliest Earthquakes
201103/119.028050Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan201103/119.028050Near the East Coast of Honshu, Japan
201002/278.8507Offshore Maule, Chile201001/127.0222570Haiti
200909/298.1192Samoa Islands region200909/307.51117Southern Sumatra, Indonesia
200805/127.987587Eastern Sichuan, China200805/127.987587Eastern Sichuan, China
200709/128.525Southern Sumatera, Indonesia200708/158.0514Near the Coast of Central Peru
200611/158.30Kuril Islands200605/266.35749Java, Indonesia
200503/288.61313Northern Sumatra, Indonesia200510/087.680361Pakistan
200412/269.1227898Off West Coast of Northern Sumatra200412/269.1227898Off West Coast of Northern Sumatra
200309/258.30Hokkaido, Japan Region200312/266.631000Southeastern Iran
200211/037.90Central Alaska200203/256.11000Hindu Kush Region, Afghanistan
200106/238.4138Near Coast of Peru200101/267.720023India
200011/168.02New Ireland Region, P.N.G.200006/047.9103Southern Sumatera, Indonesia
199803/258.10Balleny Islands Region199805/306.64000Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border Region
199710/147.80South of Fiji Islands199705/107.31572Northern Iran
199712/057.80Near East Coast of Kamchatka1997
199602/178.2166Irian Jaya Region Indonesia199602/036.6322Yunnan, China
199507/308.03Near Coast of Northern Chile199501/166.95530Kobe, Japan
199510/098.049Near Coast of Jalisco Mexico1995
199410/048.311Kuril Islands199406/066.8795Colombia
199308/087.80South of Mariana Islands199309/296.29748India
199212/127.82519Flores Region, Indonesia199212/127.82519Flores Region, Indonesia
199104/227.675Costa Rica199110/196.82000Northern India
199112/227.60Kuril Islands1991
199007/167.71621Luzon, Philippine Islands199006/207.450000Iran
  • According to USGS estimates, several million earthquakes occur in the world each year most of which go undetected because either they hit remote areas or have very small magnitudes.
  • The NEIC now locates about 50 earthquakes each day, or about 20,000 a year.
Earthquakes graphical statistics and trends worldwide
  • The number of large earthquakes (magnitude 6.0 and greater) has stayed relatively constant. One reason why earthquake numbers seems to increase is that more and more seismographs are installed in the world and hence more earthquakes can be and have been located.
Earthquake deaths frequency latest
Earthquakes death statistics
  • Below is a table which shows the Average annula frequency of occurance of different magnitude of earthquakes.

1.1 Frequency of Occurrence of Earthquakes

Magnitude Average Annually
8 and higher1 ¹
7 - 7.9 15 ¹
6 - 6.9 134 ²
5 - 5.9 1319 ²
4 - 4.9 13,000
3 - 3.9 130,000
2 - 2.9 1,300,000