Social Media Networks Usage: Geographic trends

Vincenzo Cosenza creates a “world map of social networks”, showing the dominant social networks by country, based on traffic data gathered from Alexa and Google Trends for Websites. According to this:

Social Media Networks Usage Geographic trends

  • Facebook is now the ‘leader’ in 119 out of 134 countries
  • Since the last update of the world map, Facebook has conquered countries like Syria and Iran, despite struggles against government censorship. 
  • According to data from Facebook’s Ads Platform, Europe is now the largest continent on the network with more than 205 million users (out of roughly 700 million in total). 
  • Cosenza posits that The Netherlands and Brazil will be the next countries to “surrender” to Facebook’s steamroll (it’s already happening, in fact). 
  • Meanwhile in Russia, Odnoklassniki seems to be putting on a good fight against VKontakte. 
  • Twitter and LinkedIn appear to be on the rise in the United States, Canada Australia and big parts of Europe (UK, France and Germany in particular).