Silent Noise Parties: Party the Neighbor-friendly way !

While parties are often characterized by loud music, fast tempo beats and people dancing to the DJ’s tunes, at a Silent Noise Party, you’re at a party where the music is for your ears only and nary an irate neighbour.

Silent Noise Party

Silent Noise Parties History

Silent noise parties have been a rage in Europe for years now because the European Union too is keen to bring down noise pollution. Silent Noise, in India, was conceived in the beachside town of Palolem, south Goa. It sprouted from the strict noise laws implemented in the state a few years ago.

How Silent Noise Parties Work ?

  • Silent Noise Parties are very similar to watching a 3-D movie where you pay your entry fee and are given goggles. 
  • The difference here is that you get headphones. 
  • These come with a radio frequency that matches that of the DJ’s system. 
  • Once the headphones are turned on, you can hear the DJ play. But without it, you will not be able to hear the music, save for the ambient noise and traffic. 
  • Sometimes there’s more than just one DJ playing at the same time and party animals can tune into their choice of music. 

The Downside (A hilarious one) !

In the event there’s even one guest without a headset, the picture this party would present would be rather hilarious. Without a headset all you will hear are human and ambient sounds. You will see people dancing to different styles of music


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