Pandora's IPO Size & Valuation: $ 1.9 Billion

Pandora, the Internet radio company registered with the SEC in February 2011.
Pandora IPO Size ValuationAt the time of filing a IPO, Pandora did not disclose specifics about the size of its filing, but set the proposed maximum offering price at $100 million.
  • According to new specifics provided by Pandora, about its upcoming IPO, Pandora is now increased price Of IPO To $10 To $12 per share, 
  • Pandora's IPO is now Valued At $1.9 Billion 
  • That’s up from Pandora’s recently pricing of its stock at $7 to $9 per share, at a market cap of $1.3 billion.
  • Pandora aims to raise as much as $202.6 million in the offerring (up from $141.6 million) 
  • Pandora will offer 6,000,682 shares of its common stock with the selling stockholders are offering 8,683,318 shares of common stock in the IPO.
  • Pandora’s stocks would be traded on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “P.”