Baba Ramdev's Money, Assets, Worth of Business Empire

Yoga guru Ramdev today made public details of his business empire worth over Rs 1,100 crore

Baba Ramdev's money, assets, business empire worth

  • Ramdev's capital involves the four trusts run by him totalled Rs 426.19 crore while the expenditure incurred on them amounted to Rs 751.02 crore.
  • Divya Yoga Mandir trust has a capital of Rs 249.63 crore
  • Patanjali Yoga Peeth trust has Rs 164.80 crore
  • Bharat Swabhiman trust has Rs 9.97 crore
  • Acharyakul Shiksha Sansthan has Rs 1.79 crore -- all totalling Rs 426.19 crore. The exependiture outlined for these trusts since their inception came to Rs 751.02 crore.