Web & Social Media Tracking / Monitoring during Singapore Elections

Several social media monitoring companies created dedicated sites to provide trending terms and stats on campaigning parties in Singapore as news and opinions about the elections were abuzz on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  •  Swarm and JamiQ created a visualization chart in late April showing trending topics discussed online, along with the most shared articles circulated on the web. The tracker aggregates news articles and blog posts from Google and Twitter data.
  •  Opposition party candidate Nicole Seah, a Starcom executive from the National Solidarity Party, has attracted more than 72,000 Facebook fan less than a month since she set up her page
  • Tribal DDB and Brandtology created a site called Party Time that consolidates news, blogs and conversations and includes automated sentiment scoring analysis of keywords related to the Singapore elections.
  • Another social media monitoring company, Thoughtbuzz, which named its site onefiveseven, attempts to measure how social media is used in elections based on quantitative data, and has designed a heat map that features the most talked about constituencies across the country. The site also showcases social media profiles of individual political parties and candidates revealing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube data. Additionally, it uses Foursquare to give an overview of how many people have checked in to rallies.


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