Shorten URLs for a Cause -

People have causes they want to promote, whether it’s their company or a charity they fervently support, so he wanted to find a simple and novel way for them to display their passion. is seeking to reinvent the short URL by turning it into a promotional tool for brands and causes.

What is is a URL shortener. Like any other URL shortener, it shortens links, syncs to Twitter and Facebook, and provides click analytics. The big selling point of is helping users promote brands, interests and charities through a full-page interface.

How works

  • When somebody clicks on a link, he or she is taken to a web page created by the person who originally shortened the link.
  • The page displays a message from the person who created the link as well as a 720 x 300-pixel billboard image.
  • The user stays on the page for five seconds before being redirected to his or her link. 
  • These pages (called “Toasts”) can promote anything from a user’s Twitter account to a charity he or she supports.