Bing Introduces Host of New Facebook Features: Search Gets More Relevant, Useful

Bing Facebook New FeaturesBing is giving Google some more competition by immensely increasing integration with Facebook and increasing relevancy as usefullness opf its search result. Now, Bing will display a lot more data from the Facebook Like button and from Facebook profiles. Specifically, Bing's new features are as follows:
  • Bing now displays search results liked by your friends shown with annotations and small thumbnails under links liked by your friends.
  • Bing will display articles which your friends have liked from a website, below any search result for that website.
  • Facebook Likes now affect search rankings.More the Likes for an article from your friends, better its ranking for you.
  • If a search result with has a presence on Facebook (even if no likes from friends), its Facebook status updates may appear in search results.
  • In addition to surfacing Facebook accounts prominently in search results (which was already there since Oct 2010), Facebook accounts will now also appear in related searches. Search for Singapore, Bing will show which of your friends actually live there.This makes it easier to directly connect with your friends about Singapore question.
  • Bing has added Facebook sharing options to its shopping, flights and travel search sections. Bing believes, 90% of people consult their friends or family before making a decision.
  • Bing has a new version of its toolbar which will include a universal Facebook Like button which will give you the ability to like any website or web page even when it has not added the Facebook Like button.