Mobile Number Verification Without SMS

ZipDial Mobile Services, has launched a new mobile number verification service that lets companies verify their customers’ mobile numbers without the need to send or receive SMSs, over a phone line.  The service has been deployed on e-commerce portals Flipkart and Myntra, and education portal TutorVista. This is particularly interesting because it provides an alternative to SMS for verification, particularly given the SMS Spam regulations which are expected to enforced by the TRAI sometime this year.

How It Works

Whenever there is a need to verify the customers’ phone number, for example during customer registrations or shopping cart checkouts, the customer is given a random phone number, that he can call to verify his mobile number. After one ring, the call gets automatically disconnected and the verification information is sent to the website.


ZipDial’s service can be integrated by any website by embedding an HTML code from the company. The website needs to provide a redirect URL to ZipDial, where the customer will land after successful verification. The service is priced at Rs 5,000 per month or Rs 50,000 annually, per domain, for unlimited use.