Scalable Enterprise Search Solution - Bizosys

In Enterprise environment, there are different products to handle data in an application
  • A database for structured data
  • Search engine for searching data & content
  • Content delivery network for serving content. 
No one-view of the data

  • Bizosys provides a single product to store, search and serve both structured data and unstructured content 
  • ‘Bizosys Data Layer’ provides a unified interface to store, search and serve web scale data on commodity hardware.
  • The product provides a solution to software scalability that comes with large amounts of data and high number of users. 
  • Prospective customers are from various domains that deal with high amounts of data such as content aggregators, social media analytics or large number of users like mobile applications.Bizosys_elastic_bridgeBizosys_elastic_bridge 
Comparison with existing search engine products:

As far as technology is concerned, Bizosys is built on Apache Hadoop and also provides real time search engine handling simultaneous read and write operations.