Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) methodology - ComScore example

ComScore solves the challenge of accurately measuring worldwide consumer behavior through its proprietary panel design, patented data capture technology, online data retrieval network and Unified Digital Measurement™ methodology.

The ComScore Panel
  • Largest continuously measured consumer panel of its kind.
  • Approximately 2 million worldwide consumers under continuous measurement
  • Utilizes a sophisticated methodology to accurately measure people and their behavior in the digital environment.
  • This information network delivers comprehensive views of Internet browsing, buying and other activity, in both digital and offline environments.
The Methdology
Complementing the panel is a census-level data collection method, which allows for the integration of consumers’ Internet behavior with audience-measurement insights gained through the comScore panel. 
  • ComScore’s UDM  overcomes common methodological shortcomings, such as the inability to measure the actual person not just machine, over- or under-counting usage based on cookie deletion habits and misrepresentation based on a multiple usage devices or the same person using multiple browsers.
  • The frequent disparity between census-based site analytics data and panel-based audience measurement data has been the limitation of digital media measurement. 
  • Because the two measurement techniques have different objectives, they employ different counting technologies, which often results in differing metrics that can cause confusion and uncertainty among publishers and advertisers.
  • With the introduction of Unified Digital Measurement™, comScore implemented a ‘panel-centric hybrid’ solution to digital audience measurement, creating a blend of these two methodologies into a ‘best of breed’ approach that will provide a direct linkage and reconciliation between the census and panel approaches. 
  • This approach combines person-level measurement from the 2 million person comScore global panel with server-side metrics in order to account for 100 percent of a Web site’s audience.
  • Participating companies place tags on their content and ads, and these calls are recorded by comScore servers every time content is accessed. 
  • comScore is able to view these calls on its global panel in addition to measuring the direct server calls.
  • This unique perspective allows comScore to validate that the tags are measuring activities consistent with its audience measurement methodology. 
  • comScore applies proprietary data cleansing and validation processes, and once validated the tag counts are used to set the usage levels by site. 
  • Additionally, comScore has developed a proprietary methodology to combine panel and server-side metrics in order to calculate audience reach in a manner that is not affected by variables such as cookie deletion and cookie blocking/rejection.