Opera open mobile ad exchange service

Open Mobile Ad Exchange service is a cloud-based advertising on feature phones and smartphones. The Open Mobile Ad Exchange makes the world’s largest mobile audience, 66.5 million Opera Mini users, available to advertisers, publishers, and wireless operators. With this launch, Opera opens the world of feature phones, where Opera Mini is the dominant browser, to mobile advertising.
With Opera’s Open Mobile Ad Exchange:
  • Publishers maximize their revenue from apps and content by using easily-embedded JavaScript in their webpages.
  • Advertisers gain unique and detailed visibility and control over advertising monetization via near-real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Sophisticated campaign management, frequency control and targeting results in optimal return on investment for mobile campaigns.
  • Advertisers, agencies, and ad networks reach a broad and diverse audience using Opera Mini or other browsers. The ads appear not in the browser interface, but as regular website advertising.