Online Sampling Methodology - ComScore Example

The comScore sampling and online data collection methodology employs a multitude of techniques to ensure precision of audience estimates:
  • All demographic segments of the online population are represented in the comScore panel, with large samples of participants in each segment.
  • As part of its statistical projection processes, comScore determines the size and characteristics of the total online population via a continuous survey spanning tens of thousands of persons in the U.S. selected through random recruitment methods. 
  • Respondents are asked a variety of questions about their Internet use, and descriptive information about their households is collected. 
  • ComScore sample is then statistically projected. to get precise and up-to-date picture of the online universe.
  • The combination of large samples across demographic segments, coupled with a precise view of the total online universe, allows ComScore to statistically weight its sample data to address the possibility of over- or under-representation of any segment in the panel.