JantaKhoj Data Search Engine for Research

  • JantaKhoj is a people search engine for India which manually collects data from different “publicly” available sources and compiles them in to one place to make it searchable over the web. 
  • The main sources of data are records of various govt. departments.
  • The startup claims to have data on 50 Million Indians. The records in most cases also have phone number and information about neighbors and relatives.
  • The core business of the startup is providing background verification services for employment and matrimonial needs. The price ranges between Rs.1475 and Rs.2225 per verification. The corporate and matrimonial verification market is  huge in India, so the business makes a lot of sense.
  • Apart from general data the engine also serves results from networking sites, Court records (coverage across judgements of Supreme Court and most of the High Courts), phone books and patents.