Kookoo - Voice of web applications

What is KooKoo ?
  • KooKoo (http://www.kookoo.in) is an IVRS platform
  • KooKoo can be integrated with any web application with only a few lines of codes.
  • The Kookoo code sits on your server like just another webpage and acts as the interface between your application and the KooKoo infrastructure.
How KooKoo Works:
1.       Your customers dial the phone number you got from KooKoo.
2.       KooKoo answers the call and makes an HTTP request to your application. KooKoo also send you information about the call like the caller id etc.
3.       Your web application receives the information and informs KooKoo what to do through XML. Your application can inform KooKoo to Play a text message, Play an audio file, Send SMS, collect user input or record a message.
4.       KooKoo performs the actions and interacts with the caller.
5.       The business logic is completely handled by your code. KooKoo only takes care of the telephony part.


  1. Its A Promising startup in india.

  2. The Chosen Ones [Startups at UnPluGGd2]
    At UnPluGGd2, 10 startups demoed their product to the audience. From the initial list of 250, 35 made it to the second round and from there kookoo
    was the finalist of 10 startups

  3. It sure looks promising. It all depends on how fast it can grow before competition arrives


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