Web marketing channels

Using Twitter
  • Search for phrases relevant to your business and monitor these searches regularly. Look at what people are saying and
    join in the conversation. If people aren’t necessarily looking for your
    business offerings right away, start joining other conversations of
    interest. The more you build bridges, the more likely you are to be
  • Use hashtags to connect with several other like-minded businesses who
    are also trying to leverage Twitter to build an online presence.
  • Follow
    your industry influencers, connect with potential customers, and keep a
    heads up on the competition.
Using Linked in
  • Shared Connections
    feature makes it possible to find people — like potential
    clients — and then see what connections you have in common. Shared
    Connections then makes getting a virtual introduction that much easier.

  • Building
    up a strong LinkedIn network and being willing to introduce others can also increase
    what opportunities you can get in the future.

  • B2B marketing is
    often built through trust and word of mouth. Having a shared connection
    is a great way to start establishing some of that trust from the very

  • LinkedIn
    serves as a knowledge base where business representatives
    can establish authority and expertise by participating in the ongoing

  • LinkedIn Groups is an opportunity for business
    professionals to interact with other topics relevant to his/her

Using a blog
  • Give your readers an opportunity to see you with
    your social voice outside the typical corporate website’s newsroom.
  • Announce new product releases
  • Share personal company stories
  • Answer any specific questions from your
  • Empower customers to achieve success with your products
    and service offerings.
  • Can also establish business
    professionals as thought leaders in their field, thereby aiding with
    client acquisition.
  • Blogs can build up qualified prospects through search engine ranking too .
  • Be sure to update your blog regularly with
    valuable content and follow up with the comments written on each
    individual post.