B2B Marketing Budgets - Data From SiriusDecisions

Benchmark data about B2B marketing budgets, courtesy of SiriusDecisions:

Their data show how B2B companies of various sizes allocate their marketing program budgets. Here are the budget allocations for B2B companies with $0-100M revenue:

Field Marketing / Demand Generation: 64.7%
Corporate Communications: 15.0%
Product Marketing: 9.5%
Branding/Advertising: 7.2%
Channel Marketing: 2.5%
Market Intelligence: 1.1%

SiriusDecisions further broke the Field Marketing / Demand Generation data into sub-categories, as follows (this is for all B2B companies, revenue from $0 to $1B+):

Tradeshows: 16%
Tele-prospecting: 13%
Email: 13%
Live events / seminars: 10%
Webinars: 9%
PPC Search Marketing: 5%
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 4%
Other (direct mail, associations, online, etc.): 30%

Besides being useful for budgeting purposes, what can we learn from this? Largest spend is on the most measurable category, demand generation. That trend will continue as marketing works to be ever more accountable for driving revenue. At the same time, the largest spend category within demand generation continues to be tradeshows. Surely companies do not find better ROI from tradeshow spending than they do from channels like search marketing and email