Reliance Mobile GSM banner ad to make a phone call

Click on Reliance Mobile GSM banner ad to make a phone call... interesting !
Its banner ad enables the user to make a one minute call to a friend between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm for free. The user is required to enter his friend’s name and mobile number, apart from his own details inside the banner and press ‘call now’ to connect with his friend. In the back-end, a click on ‘call now’ is routed to a server, which dials and connects the two mobile numbers.
The online campaign went live on June 8 across various websites such as,,, and Within 24 hours of the launch of the banner campaign, we received 26,000 call requests. Of that, 10,000 are unduplicated users
Why this charity??
As per Reliance: It is just a brand building experiential campaign, not meant for generating leads. In fact, the idea was to extend the TV campaign, which urges consumers to use their mobile phones to connect with their friends, to the online medium and bring alive the proposition of staying connected.