Different brands different Twitter objectives

See this:
  • MTV: The objective is to be everywhere, where the young audiences are or will be. MTV’s presence in the digital space has been rather thought through, with our presence in every such area where our viewers are, be it Orkut, Facebook or Twitter. MTV India’s community on Orkut.com has more than 3 lakh members and our community on Facebook has close to 15,000 members.
  • Kingfisher: By creating Fly Kingfisher’s presence on Twitter, we aim to engage in a fast, direct and real-time conversation with our technology-savvy guests. Fly Kingfisher on Twitter is a further consolidation of our attempt to talk to our guests in their comfort zones in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Singh (Naukri.com): To listen, gain feedback and engage with our target audience to have two-way conversations. Twitter users, we believe, are early adopters of Internet innovations. Our presence on Twitter will help us to expose new services or facilities on Naukri.com and receive insights and feedback on the same.
Whats yours ?